EUREST-PLUS Project partners discuss advancing priorities in latest stakeholder meeting

EUREST-PLUS partners met in September to discuss the latest updates on the project’s progress and achievements, and to decide on the priorities of the project going forward.

Partners concluded that there is a need to extend outreach to enhance the impact of EUREST-PLUS as a project through increased dissemination to policymakers, to patients and the lay population, who may benefit from the findings of EUREST-PLUS studies. The evaluation of adolescent populations was also noted as an area of importance.

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EUREST-PLUS project researchers awarded Best Abstract at the ERS International Congress 2017, Milan

Bestabstarct2017EUREST-PLUS researchers Dr. Constantine Vardavas and Dr. Filippos Filippidis were awarded the Best Abstract prize from the ERS Occupation and Epidemiology Assembly at the ERS International Congress, which took place in Milan from 9-13 September.

The winning abstract, 'Smoking Cessation in Europe: Trends in methods used in the European Union between 2012 and 2014', was presented during the Thematic Poster session on Smoking Cessation, on Sunday 10 September, 2017. 

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Public support is high for banning e-cigarette use in public spaces in the EU, study finds

Researchers have found that legislation to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces would have popular public support across Europe, even among former and current tobacco smokers, although levels of support varies across population groups.

The study, carried out within the context of the Horizon2020 EUREST-PLUS, in which ERS is a key partner, surveyed groups of never, current, and former smokers of tobacco and e-cigarettes; analyses showed that 71% of never smokers, 63% of former smokers and 46% of current smokers in the EU supported a ban on the use of e-cigarettes in public places. Moreover Europeans who perceived e-cigarette vapour to be harmful were more likely to support a ban of their use in indoor public areas.

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EUREST-PLUS at the 2nd ENSP International Conference on Tobacco Control, Athens, Greece

On 24 - 26 May, 2017, the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) held its 2nd International Conference on Tobacco Control in Athens, Greece. The conference welcomed more than 280 European and international speakers and participants, sharing their expertise and experience in tobacco control research, advocacy activities, obligations under the WHO FCTC and the EU TPD and much more.

EUREST-PLUS partners presented the project scope and preliminary results at a number of occasions throughout the conference. On Wednesday 24 May project partners presented progress in the various work packages in the parallel session, 'EUREST-PLUS: Monitoring the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive'. The roundtable was chaired by Constantine Vardavas and Geoffrey Fong. The EUREST-PLUS poster was also on display in the conference plenary room throughout the conference.

See the full conference programme and more details about the conference here.

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EUREST-PLUS partners lay out plans for next wave of project and host successul stakeholder meeting

Annual meeting may 2017The EUREST-PLUS project consortium held its annual meeting in Athens on 23 May, 2017 to share results from the first wave of the project and discuss advances, the current state of play and next steps.

The new EUREST-PLUS video was presented at the meeting and is intended to raise awareness of the project to a broader audience. The consortium also discussed planning and coordination of the second wave of the EUREST-PLUS cohort survey, which is expected to take place in January – February, 2018.

The first EUREST-PLUS stakeholder meeting was a success, attended by 15 stakeholders including policy makers, patient representatives, medical societies and others from 12 organisations, who took part in a parallel stakeholder consultation on the project’s objectives, current results and perspectives.

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Professor Geoffrey Fong presented prestigious AAPOR Policy Impact Award on behalf of the ITC Project

Geoffrey Fong

On 20 May, 2017, EUREST-PLUS researcher, Professor Geoffrey Fong of the University of Waterloo, Canada, received the prestigious AAPOR Policy Impact Award on behalf of the International Tobacco Control Evaluation (ITC) Project. AAPOR is a world leading organisation for survey research, including scientific surveys and polling, as well as market surveys.

The ITC Project is an international collaboration of over 150 tobacco control researchers across 28 countries covering over half of the world’s population and over two-thirds of the world’s tobacco users. Within EUREST-PLUS the ITC survey is extended to evaluate the psychosocial and behavioral impact of TPD implementation and FCTC implementation, through the creation of a cohort of adult smokers in 6 EU MS (Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain).

Congratulations to EUREST-PLUS researchers Gera Nagelhout and Ute Mons on winning the Young Professional Awards at ECToH 2017

NEWS3On 22 March Gera Nagelhout, Maastricht University, and Ute Mons, DKFZ, were awarded the Young Professional Awards at the European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH) held in Porto on 22-25 March 2017. The award recognises and supports the two EUREST-PLUS researchers’ contributions to advancing tobacco control in areas of research, advocacy, policy and practice. 

“I feel very honored to have received the ECL ECToH Young Professional Award. It's great that my research on socioeconomic differences in smoking and my knowledge-transfer efforts have been recognized by the jury”, notes Gera Nagelhout.

The award was granted to participants judged on the quality of the abstracts and their CVs submitted to the conference.

Constantine Vardavas and Geoffrey Fong present EUREST-PLUS at ECToH in Porto on 23 March 2017NEWS 1

EUREST-PLUS Coordinator, Dr. Constantine 

Vardavas, ENSP, presented the scope and news on recent developments in the EUREST-PLUS project during the session “ENSP Projects – Science and Research for Tobacco Control”, held at the European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH) in Porto on 23 March 2017.

NEWS 2EUREST-PLUS was also presented by Professor Geoffrey Fong, University of Waterloo, who gave an intervention on the ITC Project and EUREST-PLUS during the opening session of the conference on 23 March. The ITC project is the first international research programme for the systematic evaluation of key policies of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) at the population level. EUREST-PLUS extends the evaluation of FCTC policies and TPD provisions to six EU Member States (Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Spain), while incorporating existing cohort studies from France, the UK and the Netherlands.

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EUREST PLUS was presented in ICO-WHO Symposia on Tobacco Control in Barcelona, Spain

12 December 2016, 3rd ICO-WHO Symposium, L’Hospitalet (Barcelona)

The aim of this Symposium is to review how the WHO FCTC has been implemented internationally, by identifying achievements, loopholes, barriers, and the new challenges ahead.

Within his presentation Dr Vardavas coordinator of the project, provided an overview of the main points of the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and the outcomes of studies performed to support the regulatory activities across the European population of 508 million people in 28 Member States. This presentation also covered the development of a common reporting format for submission of data on ingredients contained in tobacco and related products, the role of packaging and labelling, the regulation of electronic cigarettes and also the impact of the TPD on European public health. This presentation eventually concluded on how regulatory actions impact population indexes and upcoming exciting actions and challenges that will be faced.

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Horizon Magazine features EUREST-PLUS work on electronic cigarettes

27 September 2016 - The EU Research and Innovation Magazine, Horizon Magazine, features EUREST-PLUS in the article Are there passive smoking risks from e-cigarettes?

Project Coordinator, Dr Constantine Vardavas, says to the Horizon Magazine that more information is needed on e-cigarettes. ‘It’s an area in which there is insufficient evidence and that is why we want to investigate how they modify smoking, whether the e-cigarette legislation to protect consumers and rules to protect non-users such as child-proof caps, actually have an impact on a population basis.’

'Even though Europe-wide legislation is in place, there are differences in the levels of regulation, for example on plain packaging or e-cigarette sales, between Member States, which gives the study a ‘natural randomisation’ which will be useful for the researchers', he says.

‘We’re talking about a huge population – of 508 million people – being covered by one legislation so it’s very important to assess whether legislation protects public health,’ Dr Vardavas said.

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Newest results from EUREST-PLUS and the ITC Project presented at the high-level event 'Roadmap to a Smokefree Romania 2035’

On 8 September 2016 the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) and Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids organised a high-level event in Bucharest, Romania, which launched a joint Call to Action of the first holistic and whole-system approach to tobacco control, articulated under the Strategy to Create the First Tobacco-Free Generation by 2035. EUREST-PLUS and the ITC project was presented by ENSP Secretary General, Cornel Radu-Loghin to an audience of around 200 high-level Romanian and international stakeholders active in health promotion and tobacco control. Mr. Radu-Loghin described the work in EUREST-PLUS on evaluation of psychosocial and behavioural impact of TPD and FCTC implementation and presented the project’s latest results from Romania on smoking behaviour, risk perception, quit attempts and exposure to tobacco control policies

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EUREST-PLUS showcased at the ERS International Congress 2016

5 September 2016 - As part of the world’s largest and most influential meeting for respiratory physicians, scientists and allied health professionals, EUREST-PLUS was showcased in London at the ERS International Congress 2016. 

Project coordinator, Constantine Vardavas (European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention), presented the main objectives of EUREST-PLUS and convey the added value of the research in monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the Tobacco Products Directives within the context of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control ratification at a European level.

Over three years, EUREST-PLUS will research the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directives (TPD), the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and the psychosocial and behavioural impact of both on vulnerable populations. The project also investigates the support for the legislation and monitors how it is implemented across the European Union (EU) including how the design of e-cigarette labels and packaging, and the chemical composition, will change. Within EUREST-PLUS, the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project (ITC Project) will expand to include 6 more EU member states in addition to the three existing cohorts in the Netherlands, the UK and France allowing for the creation of a common pool of 9 EU cohort studies that will be able to assess FCTC implementation in the EU, which is mainly formulated through articles of the newly developed TPD.

The ERS International Congress 2016 took place in London where ERS welcomed around 20,000 delegates to discuss the latest developments in the respiratory field across 400 sessions. The Congress covers key topics in respiratory medicine including TB, lung cancer, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and asthma amongst others, and as such offers the best place to build skills and knowledge through information sharing on the latest topics in the field of respiratory medicine.

See the EUREST-PLUS Poster presented at the ERS World Village:

poster ERS min

EUREST-PLUS presented at the EU Parliament on World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2016

 Dr Constantine Vardavas, project coordinator presents the eurestplus project in the EU parliament on world no tobacco day, the 31st of May, 2016.

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