The EUREST-PLUS organisational structure, introduces the following bodies.

  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Secretariat and Manager
  • Steering Committee
  • Consortium Assembly
  • Advisory Group

Project Coordinator

Dr. Constantine VardavasThe EUREST-PLUS Project is led and managed by the Coordinator, Dr. Constantine Vardavas from the European Network on Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) who assumes responsibility for coordinating all project work and liaising with the European Commission Project Officer. The work involves the coordination between the WPs and the management of the relationship with the European Commission.

The Project Coordinator will coordinate the tasks of the partners and the scientific content of the Project’s meetings and guarantee that the European Commission legal contractual obligations are met following the grant agreement, ensure detailed information sharing between the partners, collect and assemble data to effectively monitor progress and costs, coordinate the production of required progress, and manage the Project resources, spending and distribution of funds. More about Dr. Constantine Vardavas.

Project Secretariat and Manager

The Project Secretariat supports the Coordinator and Steering Committee within the project. Headed by the Project Manager, the Project Secretariat supports the Coordinator for the day-to-day management. As a consequence the Project Secretariat facilitates the following activities:

  • Technical and scientific project management and monitoring
  • Financial and administrative project management and monitoring
  • Management of knowledge (working closely with WP Dissemination)
  • Management of the ethical issues
  • Communication within the project (working closely with WP Dissemination)

Steering Committee

The project Steering Committee consists of the Coordinator, the Project Secretariat and the consortium partner leaders. The Steering Committee acts as the governing body of the project. It will meet twice a year including once at the ERS International Congress and once during the ENSP General Assembly.

Consortium Assembly

The Consortium Assembly consists of the participants’ representatives. The Consortium Assembly meets once a year. The Consortium Assembly will facilitate exchange of information that will enable the steering committee to make important decisions regarding the direction of work. Formal exchange of information will largely take place as part of the Consortium Assembly annual meeting. The Coordinator will be ultimately responsible for the content of these meetings and will be greatly assisted by the Steering committee regarding both scientific content as well as practical details

Advisory Group

The External Advisory Group will be appointed by the Steering Committee to both study and report on a specific strategic matter regarding the scope of the project activities, and to focus on public health relevance, innovation and dissemination of the project outcomes. Members of the External Advisory Group are independent experts or significant stakeholders in this field. The members of the EUREST PLUS advisory group will be announced soon.